Hornby at Eurospoor 2011

The yearly event Eurospoor was held in October 2011. The Dutch HRCA was invited again to show the O-gauge and the Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout. We renamed the layouts 'British Tinplate Toy Trains'. Although most of the items are of Hornby origin, more and more trains run on the layouts are from other manufacturers from the golden age of tinplate up until modern day representatives like Ace Trains and Darstead. This way 'British Tinplate Toy Trains' can be seen as a joint effort by the Dutch members of the HRCA as well as of the TCS.

The finished O-gauge layout. We ended up with a square of 7 * 7 meters, with 4 separate tracks. For the first time we had an outside loop built up from Hornby steel track, round a double track loop made of replica tinplate. The centre of the layout was built from original Hornby tinplate track. Duco Postmaa and Peter Zwakhals (seen on the back) are at the controls of the layout, while Paul can be seen in the centre controlling the branch line.

Hornby O-gauge layout

A closer look at the station area with a combined loco- and goods depot.

Vintage Hornby station area, loco and goods depot

At the other side we had a branch line, including a loop. There was also an extra station made up from a pair of Ace Trains canopies.

ACE Trains Station Canopy

As usual we had restricted the O-gauge to the LNER.

Niek van Ees at the Hornby O-gauge layout

Niek van Ees at the controls of the branch line.

LNER theme with Hornby O-gauge layout

A breakdown train made up from some early period items.

Vintage Hornby O-gauge items

Dinky details

Dinky details

Some details of the layout, including Dinky Toys, advertising boards and Dinky figures. Adding these items to an O-gauge layout always gives the special atmosphere relating to the golden years of tinplate.

Dinky details

Dinky details

Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout

The Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout. Whilst a Sir Nigel Gresley is doing her laps, Rob van Teylingen is talking to one of the visitors.

Hornby Dublo Station area

A view of the station area, with the goods sidings with (left to right) LNER coal train, LNER fish train, oil train with LMS 8F and BR 2-6-4 with container wagons.

Hornby Dublo Breakdown set

The breakdown set found a place in the centre of the Dublo layout with a 3-rail Barnstaple and BR (Gresley) coaches in the background.

Hornby Dublo Station area

Another view on the station area with Peco Station Canopy roof kit. In the back the loco depot.

British Tinplate Toy Trains

The British Tinplate Toy Trains theme was given an extra dimension by Hans van Dissel by putting up a display with items from most of the British makers, acting as competitors of Hornby. On the display were items from Astra, Bar Knight, Bassett-Lowke, Betal, Bowman, Brimtoy, Burnett, Chad Valley, Clyde Model Dockyard, Exley, Jubb, Leeds, Mettoy, Milbro, Riemsdyk, Simpull, Stevens Model Dockyard, Walker Fenn, Whitanco and Wynford.

Leeds 0-6-2 with triple coach articulated train

Leeds Nettle rail car

Some of the non-Hornby stock we had running on the layout (clockwise from top left): Leeds Model Company LNER 0-6-2 with litho Triple Coach Articulated Train, Leeds Nettle rail car, pair of Leeds LNWR coaches with Darstead 2-6-2 and ACE Trains A4 Sir Nigel Gresley with Bow Ended Teak coaches.

ACE A4 Sir Nigel Gresley

Darstead LNWR with early Leeds LNWR coaches

Henk Brouwer, Hans van Dissel and Peter Zwakhals discussing Hans his tribute to the Caledonian Railways in the form of a mixed rake of 9 ACE Trains and Darstead coaches, pulled by an ACE CR 4-4-0.

ACE and Darstead Caledonian coaches

As usual Paul brought something continental to run. Here he is preparing his Kraus electric outline locomotive and a Märklin 0-4-0 for a run.

Paul with Marklin and Kraus

Construction of a vintage layout is hard manual labour. Most of the O-gauge layout is constructed with items brought by Niek van Ees and Peter Zwakhals. The Eurospoor organisation provided the tables. The picture shows Fred van der Lubbe on the left, adjusting the tables for the O-gauge layout, while in the back Rob van Teylingen is performing the same duties for the Hornby Dublo layout.

Setting the tables for the Hornby layouts

This show what had brought to the show, before the unpacking started.

Hornby O-gauge layout before unpacking

Eurospoor is a 3-day event, so we have covered the layouts for the night.

Covered up Hornby layouts for the night