Dutch HRCA: Picture book Rob van Teylingen

My Dublo 3-rail layout is U-shaped. The photo's below are taken from left to right. The Layout is designed with SCARM software (freeware).

Hornby Dublo Scarm design

Village station with goods shed

Hornby Dublo goods shed

4-road LMS engine shed, coach sidings and breakdown train.

Hornby Dublo engine shed

4-road engine shed with with mainly LNER 0-6-2 tanks.

Hornby Dublo LNER Tanks

Diesel sidings and goods sidings.

Hornby Dublo Goods sidings

Main station an canopy.

Hornby Dublo Station

Hornby Dublo Goods sidings

Goods sidings and controllers.

Hornby Dublo Goods sidings

2 Fleischmann 6755 power controllers, 6705 power module and above the 2-road SR engine shed.

Hornby Dublo coach sidings

The coach sidings can be seen in the background.

Hornby Dublo engine shed

LNER all A4 4-road engine shed.

Hornby Dublo engine shed

LNER A4's on shed.