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HRCA The Hornby Railway Collectors Association

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HRCA New Zealand

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To expand your collection: Dealers

Hornby 0-gauge Trains (Mike Delaney)

Maddock Toys (Cliff Maddock)

Railmaster exports (John Agnew)

Old Toy Trains (Simon Goodyear)

Coopertrains (Darren Cooper)

JW Model Railways (Hornby Dublo) (Hornby Dublo)

Elaines trains (Hornby Dublo)

Tri-ang Man (Hornby Dublo)

The Station Masters Rooms (Kevin Finch)

Bianco Library (Hornby leaflets)


To expand your collection: Auctions

Ebay internet auction (Hornby O-gauge)

Ebay internet auction (Hornby Dublo)

Vectis auctions

Stop the Drop auction

Lacy Scott and Knight auctions

Minster Auctions

Special Auction Services

Cottees Auction House

Toovey's Auctioneers

Sheffield Auction Gallery

Wallis & Wallis

Warwick and Warwick

Excalibur Auctions

Gildings Auctions

UK Toy and Model Auctions

KallisToys - Toys and Scale Models

Lankes Toy and Train auctions

Selzer Toy and Train auctions


To expand your collection: Toy Train Fairs

Barry Potter Fairs

Alresford Festival of Toy Trains


Hornby style replica trains

Ace Trains


WJ Vintage - Seven Mill Models (Paul Lumsdon)

Hornby 0-gauge

Hornby at the Flack's

World of Trains (Lew Schneider)

Hornby 0-gauge catalogue archive (Wilbert Swinkels)

Hornby 0-gauge catalogue archive (Conrad)

French Hornby 0-gauge catalogue archive

Hornby Gallery (Dave Pitts)

Train Jouet: French Hornby 0-gauge


Hornby Dublo

German Hornby Dublo layout

The North American Hornby Society Hornby Dublo pages

The classic train set (Hornby Dublo layout)

Dublo Runner (Tony Davies)

Hornby Dublo (Marwan Nusair)

Hornby Dublo pages (Alan Esplen)

Hornby Dublo (Jeff Baker)

Hornby Dublo blog

Classic Collections (Peter Davies)

Peakco Jodel Electric Trains

Hornby Dublo video's on You Tube


Hornby acHO

Train Jouet: Hornby acHO

acHO catalogue archive (Wilbert Swinkels)

French Hornby acHO catalogue archive


To keep your trains running

Replica Hornby 0-gauge wheels (Larry Peacock)

Toy Train Spares (Chris Ford)

Old Tin Toy Train Parts (Cliff Maddock)

Progress products (Derek Strickland)

Hornby Couplings (Gabriel Mouilhade)

Hornby Dublo Surgeon (Dennis Williams)

Hornby Dublo Technical Repairs and Manual (David Neale)

Model railway repairs (Tony Stokes)

Hornby Dublo Spare Parts

Hornby Dublo spares (Richard Bonnett)

Hornby Dublo replica parts (Andrew Lance)

Hornby Dublo replica parts (Allan Bannister)

Hornby Train Restorations

Scalespeed Hornby Dublo repairs

DC Bench Power Supplies

Gaugemaster Railway Controllers

Hornby Dublo wireless DC Controllers

Maldon O-gauge Model Railway Track

Spare parts for Hornby acHO (Yves Desse)

3D Printing for your model railways (CWRailways)

3D Printing for your model railways (Surfacescan)

3D Printing for your model railways (Shapeways)

0-gauge Motors and Gearboxes



Binns Road: The World of Classic 0 Gauge (Graeme Eldred)

Brighton Toy Museum (Chris Littledale)

British Toy Trains books (Michel Foster)

Ebooks and Videos on model railways (Fred van der Lubbe)

Collectors Gazette: Keep track on the UK shows, news, etc.

Replica Hornby figures

Replica Hornby Dublo figures

Glen Ball Designs Hornby 0-gauge artwork

Scale Figures for Model Railways (Andrew Stadden)

Wooden parts for Hornby 0-gauge and Dublo

Fitzroy Loco Works (Pieter Penhall)

Simple layout design software

Hornby Trains Price Guide

Carry - Storage Cases

Quality Backscenes