Hornby at Eurospoor 2009

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The yearly event Eurospoor was held again in October 2009. The Dutch HRCA was invited to show the O-gauge layout. We happily accepted the invitation, and set up the layout amongst the other layouts on show. As usual, we had the only layout with vintage trains. All the other layouts were nicely made fine scale layouts, producing a lot less noise than our vintage stuff.

These days, most of the visitors bring along their digital video camera. And many of them use YouTube to show what they have seen. Click here to see a nice coverage of the Eurospoor event, including our layout.

The event is held for 3 days and starts on Friday. The basic layout team was Niek van Ees and Peter Zwakhals. Every day there were 2 extra members present to act as steward. On the pictures below you can see (starting from the left): Remco Wenting, Niek van Ees, Hans van Dissel, Peter Zwakhals, Paul and Henk Dubbelt. Also acting as stewards were Henk Brouwer and Duco Postmaa, but they managed to keep away from the camera.

Dutch HRCA stewards

Dutch HRCA stewards

Dutch HRCA stewards

The overall view of the layout. We ended up with an outside loop made up from replica double track. Within this was a loop made up from original track, with a couple of sidings. On the inside of the layout, we made a separate loop, where lots of shunting with the smaller Tank locomotives took place.

Hornby vintage layout

Hornby loco shed

Left: a closer look at the loco shed. This time we restricted our layout to the LNER. At the loco shed there was an example of most of the loco types made by Hornby. Starting with the early No. 2 and No. 2 tank locomotives up to the EM320, E120, E120 Tank, E120 Special, E120 Special Tank, E220 Special, E220 Special Tank and E320 Locomotives. Even the post war E502 was included to give the spectators an overview of the locos that have been made by the Meccano factory.





Below: Niek van Ees is always keen on the details of the layout, including Dinky Toys figures. Here you can see him taking pictures and a small selection of them, showing the nice atmosphere these figures add to a layout.

Hornby Dinky details

Hornby Dinky details

Hornby Dinky details

Hornby Dinky details

Hornby Dinky details

Hornby Dinky details

Restricting the layout to the LNER, will mean the loco shed will look quite green....

Hornby LNER locos

Hornby ACE replica

We used some ACE Trains for running purposes. Needless to say, they were LNER versions too.

The station area with a mid 30's Windsor station. We do try to do some shunting on the inside loops, so quite a lot of points are included in the layout.

Hornby track

Hornby engine shed

Next to the engine shed another station has found its place.

A view of the completed layout. Most of the members bring something to run: we added an extra table to give these items a place, creating a little toy train show on its own.

Hornby train show

Hornby with smart phone

Extra effect is added with pictures taken with a smart phone.

A very rare guest. A LE2/20 locomotive, in the 1933-34 red livery. This loco was recently bought in a Dutch auction, as a part of a large lot of toy trains.

Hornby LE2/20

LMC Sentinel railcar

Left: Another visiting locomotive. A Leeds Model Company LNER Sentinel-Cammell Rail Car from the late thirties. This version is a newly made replica, made up using original parts.






Below: Some details of the Goods areas we created on the layout.

Hornby details

Hornby details

Hornby details

Hornby details

An E220 Special Bramham Moor passes the Signal Gantry with a Pullman Train.

Hornby Bramham Moor

Hornby No 2 with ACE

An early No. 2 Locomotive in LNWR black. This one has got an ACE trains mechanism, which provides the loco with electric power to haul the early green and cream Pullman cars.

Well known TCS members Elaine and Andy Hyelman (right) visited the event too.