Hornby at Eurospoor 2005

In October 2005 the Dutch HRCA returned to the annual Eurospoor event, an international model railway event held in Utrecht each year. We once had our modest first public layout there, so we were glad to return, but now with the intention to do our biggest O-gauge layout yet.

Our usual construction team was again formed by Niek van Ees and Peter Zwakhals, while Piet Scholten, Henk Brouwer and Paul acted as steward during the opening days. We made a special welcome to HRCA member Mike Sedgwick, who came over for this event from the United Kingdom.

An overall view of the layout at a busy moment.

Eurospoor 2005 Hornby 0-gauge Layout

As usual we did not prepare a track plan but just made something up on the spot. We ended up with an outside oval of Alan Middleton's splendid double track. On the inner track we had some impressive sidings, with separate track to run another two trains. So visitors could see four trains running at the same time. Setting up commenced on the Thursday before the event, and finished just as the first visitors were coming in on Friday morning.

Eurospoor 2005 Hornby layout Contruction

Niek van Ees looks quite happy with the end result. In front of him four passengers trains, made up from the Corridor Coaches in all liveries. On the next track a Tanker train with almost the complete range of pre-war Oil- and Petrol Tank Wagons. Also to be seen is a Pullman Train, headed by the Flying Scotsman entering the ACE Trains canopy.

Eurospoor 2005 Hornby Lay-out

A view of the completed layout, just before the show opens (when the lights will be put on).

Eurospoor 2005 Hornby Lay-out

We always add quite a few Dinky Toys to our layout, to bring more life into it.

Eurospoor 2005 Dinky Toys

Details of some of the Rolling stock on the layout, including Corridor Coaches, No. 2 Special Pullman Coaches and a mixed Goods Train with Dinky cars as load.

Eurospoor 2005 Hornby Coaches

Dutch HRCA secretary Peter Zwakhals at the controls of the layout.

Eurospoor 2005 Peter Zwakhals

Eurospoor 2005 ACE Train

Although most of the locos were Hornby, we did made good use of the excellent pulling power of the Hornby style ACE Trains Locomotives.

Eurospoor 2005 Vintage Hornby Loco depot

An aerial view of the motive power depot, with all the main types and liveries of the No. 2 Special locomotives, No. 3 Locomotives and the Eton on display. On a parallel track, an early High Voltage (rewound to 20 volts) Locomotive can be seen with the correct coaches.

Eurospoor 2005 Vintahe Hornby Loco depot

The other side of the motive power depot was used for the smaller type locomotives, and the early clockwork ones.

Eurospoor 2005 Loco depot

A closer look at the Loco shed.

Eurospoor 2005 Scene

Just a lovely scene, taken from track level.

Eurospoor 2005 Station

A busy moment in the Station area. Starting from the left, you can see a No. 2 Special Pullman passenger train, another one with the early green Pullman Coaches, a No. 2 Passenger Train, a mixed Goods train with No. 50 Goods stock and another mixed Goods, made up from post-war wagons.

Eurospoor 2005 Buco

Dutch HRCA member Henk Brouwer found himself a nice Buco Electric loco at the Toy fair, which was given a spin on the layout.