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The Hornby Railway Collectors' Association (HRCA) is a non-profit making organisation devoted to the collecting and operating of Hornby O-gauge and Hornby Dublo. The HRCA was founded in 1969 and has about 3000 members worldwide. As in the great days of Meccano Liverpool, the HRCA has some overseas sections, of which the Dutch HRCA is one. In 1995 the Dutch HRCA had its inaugural charter at the HRCA AGM.

The Dutch HRCA welcomes every HRCA member living in the Benelux countries. There is no additional joining fee.

The members of the Dutch HRCA have an informal meeting (AGM) at least once a year. Some of the members can be seen here at one of our first meetings.

Some members of the Dutch HRCA

Public layout

We also set up a public display layout at Holland's foremost model train fair. Here Dutch HRCA member Piet Scholten can be seen taking care of the last details on of the first public layouts: the 1998 Houten Toy Train fair.

The station area of a layout we had at the international Eurospoor Model railway event, which were held in Utrecht.

Public layout

O-gauge and Dublo

For the first time in 2004, the Dutch HRCA also had a Dublo layout on show. For comparison some Dublo locomotives in front of their O-gauge equivalent.