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Special Auction Services

Special Auction Services will have the Toys for the Collector auctions which contain a large and diverse selection of toys often including Hornby and other vintage toy trains. The December auction is the famous Trains Galore which ran for 20 years at Christie's.

3rd August 2017

Lacy Scott and Knight Auctions

The Lacy Scott and Knight toy train auctions encompass all areas of collecting including steam, O-gauge and OO-gauge railway, diecast models by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, Spot-On, European manufacturers as well as Tinplate Toys.

The Lacy Scott and Knight Auctions also have the past auctions on-line in their archive to see what prices were realised.

12th August 2017

Aston's Auctioneers and Valuers

Aston's Auctioneers and Valuers is a family-run auction house and is a specialist auctioneer of collectable toys and models in the UK. They hold one large auction of Toys, Antiques and Collectables every month featuring Hornby O-gauge and Dublo.

17th August 2017

Vectis auction

Vectis was established in 1988 and sell toys in many categories, including Trains, Tinplate, Constructional Toys, Railwayana and Books. All auctions are room sales and all are held live on-line reaching collectors worldwide.

The Vectis auctions also have the past auctions on-line in their archive to see what prices were realised.

18th August 2017

Houten Toy Train Collectors fair

Holland's biggest Modelspoor event predominantly caters for the modern H0/00 crowd, but also with larger scales and tinplate. About 500 stalls, with members of the Dutch HRCA present. The event is held at the Euretco Centre in Houten. So anybody visiting Holland would do well to visit this fine event and meet some of the Dutch HRCA members. Use the contact link (above at right) for general enquiries.

26th August 2017


Toovey's conduct quarterly sales of Toys, Dolls and Games that offer a good selection of die-cast toys and figures, model trains and railways, tinplate and mechanical toys, dolls and soft toys. Hornby 0-gauge and Dublo are regularly included in these auctions.

Toovey's auctions have the past auctions on-line in their archive to see what prices were realised.

5th September 2017

Sandown Park Show

Sandown Park

Some members of the Dutch HRCA will be visiting this great Barry Potter fairs event with 500 Stalls of Collectable Toys. The quality and variety of collectables on offer is breathtaking, with tables of toys and models for sale. Visitors and exhibitors travel from all over the UK and Europe to visit each event. The fair is held at the Sandown Park race course in Esher.

16th September 2017

UK Toy and Model Auctions

The UK Toy and Model auction was formed in the mid 1990s by Barry Stockton and Tony Oakes, enthusiasts with many years experience in the field of toy and model collecting.

16th October 2017

Reading Show     Reading Show     Reading Show

Reading Vintage Toy Train Fair The Reading Vintage Toyfair is held at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading has a 1985 dateline, ie. all items are over 20-years old. The show always is a feast of Hornby with a vast number of major dealers and many lesser-known ones. The 200 tables are complemented by numerous working and static exhibition displays, including Hornby 0-gauge, Hornby Dublo and Meccano.
29th October 2017

O-gauge Layout    O-gauge Layout    Dublo Layout

Eurospoor The annual international Eurospoor model railway event will be staged at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, and includes many an excellent model railway layout in a large variety of gauges as well as an extensive marketplace. The Dutch HRCA will return for this venue with a 3-rail 0-Gauge layout 'British Tinplate Toy Trains' and a 3-rail Dublo layout. We would hereby cordially invite anyone visiting the Netherlands to come and pay us a visit. Any train you might bring (or buy while there) is more than welcome to take a spin! For more information, please contact Peter Zwakhals (use the contact button) and/or the venue website Eurospoor.
3rd-5th November 2017

TCS spring get together

TCS Spring Show and AGM

The Train Collectors Society Spring Show and Annual General Meeting will take place at Trinity Centre in Leicester. Doors open at 09:30. AGM for TCS members at 13:30. Refreshments available.

17th March 2018