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In 1999 when our grandson Koen was born, I got nostalgic feelings about my own childhood. I remembered playing with Meccano, Dinky Toys and tinplate toy trains. Then I decided to look for Meccano and Dinky Toys for the time being till Koen was a schoolboy.

I visited the yearly exhibition of the Dutch Meccano Guild in Soesterberg. I was devoted immediately, but how to get Meccano parts? Happily I met Rob Lourens during that exhibition. He turned out to be a collector of Meccano, Dinky Toys and tinplate trains as well. He was willing to sell me Meccano parts and invited me to his house. He took me to his loft-space. I was overwhelmed: lots of Meccano, Dinky Toys and, above all, electric trains in all gauges. He showed me his collection Hornby trains, that appeared to be the same manufacturer of Meccano and Dinky Toys. I purchased the Meccano parts and I could not resist buying a O gauge clockwork train with two carriages. My new hobby was born.

The next years I succeeded in buying several pieces of Hornby trains and stock. Last year I met Peter Zwakhals of the Dutch HRCA at the Eurospoor meeting in Utrecht. He pointed me at the Hornby Railway Collectors Association. I became a member and since that time my enthusiasm has increased considerably.

Hornby layout

Together with our son we rebuild our loft-space. I finally had a O-gauge layout of my own. In the same loft, my son got his digital Marklin lay-out.

My small layout mostly contains Hornby, but I allow some items from others manufacturers too. The loco just passing the footbridge is a post-war French Hornby type PO loco. On the inner track stands a pre-war LMS No. 2 Special Tank locomotive.

Hornby layout

French Hornby OVA and OBB

In front, a post-war French Hornby OVA locomotive with Pullman Saloon Coach next to a E320 Royal Scot locomotive. In the back a post-war French Hornby OBB locomotive with SNCF bogie coaches.

Another look at the station area. The station is a Bing wayside station from the Twenties for the British market.

Station area