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A look at my display cabinet with Hornby O-gauge items. I only collect pre-war Hornby, made in England. Here you can see a GWR No. 1 Special Locomotive in front of the Reading Station. In front my Metropolitan set.

I am also an avid collector of Kraus Trains. In fact I am actually the founder and President of the Kraus Circle (and also its sole member). In general, the wide variety Kraus offered is underestimated by collectors. Look for example at the large range of 2- and 4-wheeled tank wagons on the lower shelf of the cabinet.

If you are interested in Kraus too, use the contact link (above at right) to contact me through the Dutch HRCA's secretary.


More Kraus

Another cabinet with some of the items of my Kraus collection. Not easy to spot, but on the third shelf (from the top) there is a very rare Kraus wagon, even for the Hornby fan. A standard Open Wagon, but in grey with 'NE' lettering.

I have no records that Kraus made items specially for the UK, and this version is not be found in any Kraus catalogue I have seen. Possibly a prototype? I hope to find the answer in due time!

Here you can see a live steam Marklin locomotive. To prevent further damage to the boiler, this loco will sadly never run 'under steam'.

Live steam