Picture book Piet Scholten

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My train room. This started out as a garage, into which I installed a double wall to keep the warmth in and the damp out, and also has a workshop in the corner where I keep the goodies in running condition as well as resuscitating any wretched wreck I can find.

Pride of place is taken by my 0-gauge layout. It is inspired by a Hornby Display Layout, in that track beds, roads and grass are painted on the surface. Featuring centrally-controlled separate circuitry (as well as a Hornby point at the back that I converted to electrical operation), the layout allows 3 trains to run at any time as well as some shunting.

The outer track is on its own, allowing uninterrupted progress for passenger expresses. The inner track has 3 sidings at the station area, each allowing a train to wait its turn, as well as a connecting track to change the direction of travel. Flanking the latter are a goods depot and the shed area.



This picture is taken at the Dutch HRCA 2001 AGM. A large variety of motive power took to the rails that afternoon: the Compound, a Caerphilly Castle with a rake of No. 2 passenger coaches or an Ace train on the outer oval, and many a goods train or smaller passenger train on the inner track.